Can You Use Floor Tiles on the Wall?

Are you looking for a way to spice up your home or business? You might be surprised to know that wallpaper isn’t your only option to add style to your walls.

Tiles are becoming a popular way to design a new look.

Believe it or not, the term “floor tile” is an arbitrary name. Every tile undergoes a grading process which determines safe usage. Companies don’t give their product the floor designation.

A tile is graded as safe for floors if it is safe to walk on. The grade assigned is on a 1-5 scale. Where it falls on the scale depends on the durability of the tile.

Let’s take a look at the tile grading system and ideas for how to use floor tiles on walls.

The Grading Scale:

Grade Level 1

These tiles are the weakest ones you can buy. They are for wall use only, as they crack under any pressure. Walking on them would be unsafe.

Grade Level 2-Light Duty Floor Tiles

These tiles are safe for floor and wall applications. For floor use, use them where there will be light traffic. If you are looking for materials in your bathroom, they will be fine. They aren’t for other home areas or commercial use.

Grade Level 3

This grade is the most common. Most residential homes rely on these tiles for both flooring and countertops. You will see these called floor tiles, but they are a great option for walls as well.

Grade Level 4

This grade is a slight improvement over level 3, as it can handle more wear and tear. If you have children, these might be your best option. For commercial uses, they are most common in a dentist office or other small business.

Grade Level 5

These tiles are the best of the best. They can handle heavy traffic and are very durable. The tiles used in shopping malls and Walmarts, for example, are level 5. Since they are the strongest in the tile family, they are also the most expensive.

Popular Uses

One of the more common practices is to use floor tiles to create mosaics on walls. You can add style and depth to your home without destroying your bank account by doing this.

If using tile on your wall, the grade shouldn’t be as much of a concern as the design or color scheme you want to create. Level 4 is strong, but unless you plan on crashing into walls, using a lower grade is more economical.

Floor tiles are also a great option for fountains, countertops, and outdoor projects. As long as you have a well thought out plan, there isn’t much you can’t achieve. You’ll need the right adhesive and attitude.

Use non-abrasive tiles for the walls and countertops. You want to be able to clean them with ease, so keep that in mind as you are designing your layout. Ceramic tiles on countertops are ideal if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Do The Job Right The First Time

No matter what you have planned, you need the right materials for the job. A low-quality adhesive can destroy any project involving tile. Whether you are going to use your floor tiles on walls or the ground, we have the materials you need to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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