Note on pronunciation : The “ie” is actually pronounced like English “ee”, nothing like English “eye”

Note on pronunciation : The “ie” is actually pronounced like English “ee”, nothing like English “eye”

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Word-of the month: Liebeskummer

A variety of Liebe (adore) and Kummer (despair, sorrow) that is the mind-set of men and women whose sex life is certainly not going well, especially the sadness felt by jilted enthusiasts.

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Hey Ulrich, i believe this is exactly an excellent term, and I can not contemplate an equivalent in English. although previously or some other, all, or perhaps the majority of, people have actually must utilize it. What is the guide around? Everyone loves the title.

The succinct name of this guide, Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer, is hard to translate gracefully–the literal definition are “Moselle lake travels as a result of Liebeskummer”. It really is a novella, written in the 30s, je kunt hier kijken explaining a trip alongside and on the Mosel (Moselle) river when the narrator tries to mastered their Liebeskummer. It includes warm information of lake, the towns that range it, and individuals who expand wines there–I lived in one of these brilliant towns as I decided to go to basic school.

Upon rereading passages from it, though, I must confess that the title could very well be the best part regarding the book!

“The Germans should have a phrase for this. Doppelgedanken, possibly: the impression, when reading, that your particular very own thoughts are giving birth toward terms because they show up on the webpage. These may be the pride that in these unusual instances you ponder, a€?How could the author bring identified the things I ended up being convinced?a€?

In my opinion the quotation shows that the customer part what your website features repeatedly shown, that Germans are masters at coming up with keywords that precisely determine states of head. Liebeskummer are yet another sample.

: Thx for directed this evaluation down. I recovered the evaluation from your heap of periodicals becoming reused (I experienced misied it a week ago).

Their offer, generated much more compelling b/c it’s the beginning part of the evaluation, verifies, whenever say, it is simple to coin brand new terms at that moment in German by hitching with each other two independent phrase (often nouns, yet not fundamentally very). Doppelgedanke is an example–I’ve not witnessed they in German, but Germans would comprehend it during the framework whereby really offered, provided they obtain the allusion to your well-established DoppelgA¤nger.

I am furthermore, without a doubt, very much used because of the ‘official’ acknowledgment with this convenience of German when you look at the part and amazed that the reviewer thinks that way, that she locates it–apparently–convenient, often times, to ‘think in German’.

It surely motivates us to manage with my word-of-the-month posts. But I additionally want to point out that English supplies coinages which have no counterpart in German, and I may write a thread quickly dealing with this complementary subject.

That is an interesting subject, the English coinages having no real similar in German. We wonder for a moment get in English–and perhaps you will–the form of statement I have found thus delightful in German, those compounds highlighting, really correctly, a specific state of mind. Not all of the German instances did that but a few has and I also like them better than her English counterparts, or even equivalents, as an instance, Fraidy cat versus Angsthase. I do expect you are going to manage with your words associated with the period. I truly take pleasure in all of them.

The standard samples of English words w/o real counterpart in German become “fair gamble” and “typical sense”–they have been used like that in German a long time before the existing tsunami of English statement began to strike German, which includes statement that there is no need at all, like “game”, whose connotations are in not a way distinctive from regarding German Spiel. In teenager talk, online, marketing and advertising etc German presents itself today as an assortment of German and English. Im, indeed, enthusiastic about seeing how all of this will pan in the end–i.e. when this will strike more as a fad or need a lasting affect German, e.g. dramatically augment their vocabulary. My imagine was your latter can happen.

The upshot is that if I would like to begin a bond on English terms and conditions with no real cognates in German, the situation is manufactured more complicated from this situation. Whatever the case, I’m beginning a page where I collect prospect phrases–I need definitely a lot more than “reasonable enjoy” and “a wise practice”.

Breathtaking term, Liebeskummer, and there’s a Dutch similar, liefdesverdriet. It really is amazing there is no English keyword for it. It occurs occasionally that I’m wanting to change an English term into Dutch, so there just is not any correct word. I shall make sure you inform you, Ulrich.

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