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Let Buildmore Materials be your tile adhesive solution in a unique customer experience for your building project. Fill out your order form to get your materials fast. You can depend on a senior materials logistics professional to provide your building project superior customer service.

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At Buildmore Materials, we pair our manufacturers and logistics professionals with high-end technology to help meet the demands of your construction project. We save you time and costs with a hands free, easy to use supply chain while you focus on continued productivity and exceptional customer relations.

  • Polymer Modified white thin-set allows for quicker installations in colder temperatures. Comparable, competitive and cost effective among the other thin- set brands. Exceeds ANSI standards.
  • Due to its high flexibility, can be used readily at outdoor spaces.
  • Provides very good adhesion on different surface types. (like concrete, cement mortar, natural stone, briquette and existing coating)
  • Can be applied securely on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Resistant against water and freezing after it is cured.
  • Resistant against shock and vibration, provides high adhesion.

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Areas of Application

Strong bonding of glazed tile, ceramic tile, encaustic tile, granite, marble, decorative brick, glass mosaic, natural and artificial stone.

Strong bonding of ceramic coating with low absorbency.

Areas with wet volume like bathroom, kitchen, balcony, terrace, swimming pool and water tank.

Concrete mortar, brick, stucco (with plaster), gypsum board, prefabricated light concrete building material, underfloor heating systems and existing ceramic coated surfaces.

Underfloor heated and industrial floors, all kinds of surfaces that are vulnerable to contraction and thermal movements.

How Our System Powers Your Success



Cement based, single ingredient, elastic adhesive with high performance for glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, granite and marble on cement based surfaces like cement, plaster and cement finish (alum).
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Cement based, single ingredient, easy to use and extremely economic adhesive with high stability for glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, granite and marble on cement based surfaces like cement, plaster and cement finish (alum).
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